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- Glenbozo -

Glenbozo is a Swiss rock band near Zurich comprising Roger Gallati (lead vocals and guitar) and his brother Stefan Gallati (vocals and Keyboards), Thomas Neeracher (drums) and Ruetsch Menzi (bass).


Founded 2010, the first years were marked by writing songs. Their style is influenced by bands like Muse, Foo Fighters but also has drawn comparisons to many other alternative-rock artists. Meanwhile they found their own style, a mix of rocking guitar riffs combined with elements out of keyboard on a bottom filled with an easy listening drum beat and bass line. Fans mention especially the voices as unique and love the harmony of the two voices and the change of lead vocal.


Glenbozo released their debut album, Quantum Leap, independently in 2016. Followed by their single My Own Crime Scene 2017.

In October 2018 Glenbozo released their second album Radio Songs.


Glenbozo ist eine Schweizer Rock Band aus Glarus Nord bestehend aus Roger Gallati (Gesang und Gitarre), seinem Bruder Stephan Gallati (Gesang und Keyboards), Thomas Neeracher (Schlagzeug) und Ruetsch Menzi (Bass).

Gegründet wurde Glenbozo 2010. Wobei die ersten Jahre hauptsächlich von Songwriting geprägt waren. Ihren Stil nennen sie beeinflusst von Bands wie Muse, Foo Fighters - ziehen aber auch Vergleiche zu vielen weiteren Alternative-Rock Bands. 

Glenbozo brachte im September 2016 ihr Debutalbum - Quantum Leap - in Eigenproduktion auf den Markt. Gefolgt mit ihrer Single 'My Own Crime Scene' im Januar 2017.

Im Oktober 2018 folgte das zweite Album - Radio Songs - von Glenbozo.